Matt F

I’m Matt and I am from Surrey, BC, which is where I also attend high school. Music is the love of my life.  At 4 years old, after watching a taiko drum presentation at my brother’s school, I could be found singing and banging various beats on ice cream buckets. One of my first singing solo’s was at 6 years of age when I sang “I Don’t Want to be Told to Grow Up” in a school talent contest. By 8 year old, I was playing drums and by age 9 I started playing my first guitar. I’ve played guitar and sang in various talent contests all through my school years. I play electric guitar and sing harmony in our punk/pop/alternative rock band, ‘Northern Rain’, but I also play bass guitar and some piano. My hobby is recording covers of songs using my Blue Snowball condenser recording microphone and mixing and editing them on my computer. My favourite bands are: Hedley, Mariana’s Trench, Simple Plan, Blink 183, and All Time Low.  I believe music is what shapes the world and because of music, my life is that much richer.


2 thoughts on “Matt F

  1. Hi Matt,

    You and your band are welcomed to come to Fernie any time !!!!!
    -Randy and Angelika ( Fernie Tea and Coffee House )

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